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  • What on earth is Oil Pulling?

    Swish oil in my mouth?
    I really thought it was too much to ask that I put a tablespoon of sesame oil in my mouth and swish. But it was a homework requirement at Ayurveda school and after a month I was convinced, and have practiced ever since.
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  • Your Body, Your Soul, Your 5 Daily Practices

    Introducing the simple 5: Cleanse, Stimulate, Move, Breathe and just plain Sit.  Purify your physical, emotional and mental self. Activate and balance the sympathetic and para-sympathetic systems.  Your body, brain and spirit will hum!

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  • Self Massage - A Daily Practice

    This is a dose of self care, love and patience every day. It is the first step in taking charge of your day before the day seizes and life has its random way with you.
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